Terror on the Fox and its Real Life Skeletons in the Closet


GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN–It’s not every day that your imaginary ghost stories come true…but that was just the case at the Terror on the Fox Haunted House this year in Green Bay, WI.

While getting ready for their 20th season, Terror on the Fox was going under almost a complete reconstruction. One room’s remodel in particular took up much the month of September for one of the talented members of the set design team. This room is referred to as “the catacombs.” A catacomb is an underground cemetery or gallery for the dead that was built by ancient civilizations.

The designer began to piece the room together by first gathering as many bones and skulls as she could throughout the house from other scenes around the haunted attraction. While doing so, she discovered several complete sets of bones from inside a few antique caskets that the haunt had owned and used for many years. These caskets along with many other items were donated over the course of the attraction’s 20-year history and were kept in storage until they were needed to complete specific scenes.

The following day it was noticed by the team that the bones lacked the typical, more obvious marks created by the fabrication process. And upon further investigation, the bones were discovered to be in fact…actual human remains.

“Working in this industry never ceases to surprise me, “ says Mike Krausert Senior Project Manager at Terror on the Fox. “We tend to look for and find props and scenic elements in the strangest of places. We have gutted old hospitals, homes, businesses, colleges and more. Sometimes items are donated to us that are used right away or in this case have been in storage or not used at all for many years. I was just as surprised as our team was with the discovery. These are obviously skeletal remains that were used in the medical field and judging by the hardware on them they date back to the 19th century.”

These real life skeletons belong to people whose story remains a mystery. Perhaps this explains the shadow that has been noticed to be lingering around when various employees are working? Or the extra chill that has been felt in the air this year? No one knows precisely where the remains came from, but they continue to mysteriously haunt the DeadHouse attraction at Terror on the Fox in Green Bay, WI.

Terror on the Fox is a haunted attraction located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Terror on the Fox is often considered a Halloween tradition and has developed somewhat of a cult following throughout the years. With talented and experienced set designers, makeup artists and actors, Terror on the Fox offers one of the best haunted house experiences in the country. For additional information, please contact Mike Krausert at 508-471-6731.

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Terror on the Fox and its Real Life Skeletons in the Closet

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